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No forced displacement of houseless people in Minneapolis

We are working to secure the bare minimum of human dignity in Minneapolis, Minnesota that anyone who is unhoused be treated as an equal and leaving a location be based on negotiation—such as a key to stable housing handed over—rather than intimidation and violence or the threat of violence, which is the current norm happening near daily.

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I grew up hearing about “Minnesota nice” from my folks in Northern MN, very proud of how folks would be patient and follow neighborly niceties. I wonder what it will take to restore that, recreate and re-invent it, build it into our community fabric again?

In Good neighbors on: 2023-11-06 01:52:17

Houses are plentiful, compassion is not. Would having questions based on determining someone’s ethics and empathy before they are hired or elected to a public service job be wise?

In Parks & Recreation on: 2023-08-29 05:50:46
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In Testing on: 2023-07-13 20:01:07
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i spoke at the Parks board meeting about these incidents of a Parks employee threatening an unhoused person and myself during Public Comment, following this gentleman, Mike Tate, who forcefully advocated for youth programs, and followed by Junail Anderson, who spoke powerfully about Parks police harassment of unhoused people simply using parks:

In Parks & Recreation on: 2023-07-06 19:17:59